Facilities & Project Management

Door Entry systems & Fob Management

From Early 2014 we will be offering Door Entry System Management, Maintenance and Installation as well as Fob/Entry Token/Code Database Management services, specialising in Paxton’s Multi-Award winning Net2 System.

Having operated the door entry system for the Apartment block where he lives for several years our director & project manager Simon knows from experience what a poorly maintained door entry system and database looks like and the potential security risk it represents, having inherited such a system when he took it over.

We focus on ensuring any door entry system we work on is left as secure and safe as possible for every resident, be that through strict on-going maintenance, fast responses to faults or simply ensuring the database is kept up to date and well maintained.

Property Maintenance

Beyond all of these specialist areas of property solutions we are also able to provide a wide range of general maintenance and repair works, this can include:

Insurance Repairs & Project Management

Paving and Wall Repairs

Guttering Repairs & Cleaning

Electrical Repairs

Our property maintenance solutions are focused in the East London and Docklands areas, with a specialism in work within Apartment Developments. For more information or to find out if we can help just ask!